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Greetings from the Pokemon Master of this website!

Welcome to Pokemon Gameshark Codes, the place on the Internet to find Pokemon Gameshark cheat codes. Here you will find cheat codes for many Pokemon games, including: Gold, Silver, Yellow, Red, and Blue. This is also one of the few places on the web where you can find working Pokemon Sapphire and Pokemon Ruby codes.

This site is for people who love Pokemon and love trying out new things. Playing with Pokemon game shark codes may be cheating, but it's also a fun way to find out everything about Pokemon. That's why this site also will help you learn how the codes work, and even teach you an easy way to make your own cheat codes.

This site is updated all the time so always be on the lookout for new codes. This site wouldn't exist without the help of visitors, so if you know of some new codes please send them in to me at pokemon@cheatcode.org.